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Simply the Best Taxicab and Shuttle Service In Jacksonville, Florida!

Best in Customer Service

Jacksonville Landing, Jacksonville, Florida Duval Taxi is unlike any other cab company in Jacksonville. We care about our passengers and drivers. Our goal is to provide the residents and visitors of Jacksonville the best taxicab service possible. Both dependable and reliable, we are responsive to your needs! Don't believe it? Give us a try. Let us show you the new face of taxicab service in Jacksonville, Florida!

Best in Value and Price

Our fares our fairer. We don't charge the maximum rate allowed by the City of Jacksonville. We don't even charge as much as some of the other companies who have set their meters as much as 25% higher than us. So if you're looking for a dependable, clean, and reasonably priced taxi ride, we're the ones you want.

Best at Meeting Varied Needs

Our well maintained fleet of vehicles includes sedans, vans, and 13 passenger buses, so whether you're an "Army of One" or a group of thirty, you can count on Jacksonville's Duval Taxi to carry you quickly and safely to your destination.

Best at Picking Up Every Passenger

Friendship Fountain in Jacksonvillle, FlOccasionally, during peak times, we are unable to get to all of our valued passengers as quickly as we'd like; but unlike other companies, we don't cancel your call after a set number of minutes. Instead, our Dispatch office continues to work on getting you a taxi as quickly as possible.

Best for Drivers

Our drivers enjoy lower lease rates and the benefit of working with a value-based company that truly cares for their well being.

Best at Making It Easy

Need a cab in the morning or later on today? Check out our reservation page where you can schedule your taxi to be automatically at your door exactly when you want it.

Best For Jacksonville FL

Duval Taxi is committed to bringing a higher level of service to the people of Jacksonville. After all, we're not just another Jacksonville, Fl Taxicab service, we are the BEST Jacksonville, FL Cab company!


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